Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fantastic week!

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving last week with family. I got to talk to my soldier girl twice last week on the phone, and we're counting the days til she gets home for Christmas. :)

I'm still absolutely loving my job at the range! We've been quite busy, and I love meeting all the gun-loving people I would've never had a chance to meet if it weren't for this job! They're all super friendly too, and want to share their toys!

I met a police officer that brought in an AR with an EoTech sight on it. I have looked at EoTech's in various LGS, but never actually used one, and he asked me if I wanted to shoot it. I politely declined, and he then INSISTED that I shoot it. LOL Then we had a disagreement about how many rounds I was going to fire. We settled on 5, even though he really wanted me to shoot a whole magazine. :)
I tell took SO much restraint not to flip the switch on that thing to "AUTO." But I love my job and want to keep it so I resisted. :)

My co-workers have great toys as well!

I shot one of these.....
....and one of these.....

And I got two new toys of my own this last week!

The M&P is my new EDC - or will be once I find the right holster for it. I've been wearing it at work in a Fobus, but need something a little more concealable for outside of work. I think I want something similar to TT Gun Leather's snap holster, but I'm a little shy about spending that much on a holster, having never used an OWB before.
But I'm also considering a Skeleton from
Holster shopping is kind of like bathing suit shopping for me....I need to try it on and stare critically in the mirror for an hour or two before actually purchasing something (or in the case of the bathing suit....talking myself out of it and never actually buying anything!). So holster shopping on the internet is torture for me. :(

Hubs upgraded the trigger with an Apex kit, and put TruGlo sights on it for me, and I love it!
I just got an extra pinky extension for the factory mag (why do they send you ONE flat and ONE pinky extension?!) as well as a 17 round mag and an XGrip adapter. I obviously won't carry it that way (well, maybe at work just to see how many people ask questions LOL) but I will be great for range time.

The Mossberg........LOVE! We picked it up last Friday, and immediately put two boxes of slugs through it (we don't allow shot at our range). I don't know much about shotguns, but Damn. I love this thing. And I love the quarter sized holes that slugs punch neatly through paper targets.
As we arrived on the firing line with it, a couple of the guys at work said "Do you know how to shoot from the hip?" I looked at them like they were crazy and said "Yeah, I've done that. But I ain't doing that today." My soldier girl called ma B-A-M-F for shooting it from the shoulder with slugs. I just laughed at her. :)
Hubs has a running list of upgrades for the shotty already, but he won't let me see it. :(
I'll try to update as it morphs through the various stages of  "upgrades."

And on a final note for today......THIS is is the scene in my garage right now. That big tub on the left? That's a 50 gallon tote. FULL. And this isn't even all of it. So if you need brass, or know anyone that does, hit me up. I'm sure we can work something out. ;)

Have a great weekend y'all! I'm going to go help a friend with some home repairs, then go out to dinner and do some birthday shooting! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

One of these days....

...I'll get to the point where I can sort out all of the thoughts rambling around in my head, post about them daily, and stop playing these catch up games!

New job is going great! I've met a ton of great people, seen and shot some really cool toys, have expanded my wish list a lot, and have done a little bit of one-on-one teaching.
The range has been insanely busy. I don't know if it's because we're new, or because of the Election Day outcome, or a mixture of both. But it's a good problem to have!

She's doing well at AIT, and her brigade marched in a Veteran's Day parade this past Monday. Sadly, I have no pictures of that. She's counting the days til she gets to come home for Christmas (and so am I!).

We're still battling the monster, but making progress, we think. Another MRI coming up on Monday, and we're praying that the chemo is still kicking the tumor's ass. It sure isn't being kind to the Mr.

I have a birthday coming up, and it looks like I will be getting a new firearm! I've got my eye on a S&W M&P 9 compact. Hubs has a full size VTAC model, which I love to shoot, but it's just a little big for me to conceal. So I'm leaning towards the compact version. Too bad those VTAC sights are so expensive, though, I'd love to put them on a compact!

Hubs and I will be taking some instructor training here in a couple of weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it! I won't let the cat out of the bag just yet as to what, exactly, but it will be a great addition to the classes our range already offers.

The invitation is still out there for an Dallas area peeps to stop by (email me for details please) and visit the range! You'll love the place, and I would love to see some write-ups out there!

That's all I got. More soon!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Calling Dallas area bloggers

I'm attempting to help the gun range I work at get some positive press, and I'd like to personally invite all you Dallas area bloggers to come check the place out. :)

I don't have the authority to say "Come shoot for free" but maybe it would be enough if I told you that you can shoot pistols, rifles (up to, but not including 50BMG) and shot guns (slugs only) on a single lane (no moving lanes when you want to switch from one to the other) in a climate controlled range with clean air that is recycled every 87 seconds?

Or if you're a lady blogger, come see us on Tuesday nights, and shoot for just $5.

If you want to come check it out, feel free to email me at twoamama_AT_gmail_DOT_com and I'll give you the name and address of the place.

Silly me, I think I'm going to be able to keep my privacy now that I'm working there and blogging about it! Seriously, though...just trying to avoid crazy stalker fan-boi types - even though every one at the range open carries. ;)

Hope to hear from you, and see you soon!