Friday, June 29, 2012

As we approach Independence Day

As we approach the birthday of our independence, I am noticing a trend, as I do every year at this time. A trend of articles of clothing that look like they've been made out of an American flag.
And it bothers me. A lot.

I'm not talking about items with a flag printed ON them, like this. Something like this, I have no problem with - I even own something similar.

But I'm seeing things like these.

To me, these items look like someone cut up an American flag and made these things. 
I'm sure it's not the intent, but this seems really disrespectful to me.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a Jonny Cash kind of day.....

Some random thoughts.....
Our country is on a super fast track to the crapper.
I need more guns.
I need more ammo.
I need more training.
Don't freeze a brisket, and then expect it to thaw in the fridge overnight.
Always have a back up plan when you're thinking you'll make brisket for dinner. Thank God for pizza.
Don't wear capris to weed whack the lawn.
Removing the string cap on the weed whacker to pull out more string can make ALL the string come out.
Pull start on a weed whacker is the dumbest invention ever. Blood blisters, anyone?

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup doesn't make all that better, but it helps.

Something about the Man In Black just seemed to fit today.
It's a Johnny Cash kind of day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gun Blog Black List

I got a note from GBBL this morning saying I had been added to the list. I am more than a little humbled - I'm not sure I belong there with the likes of some of the biggest and best voices in the gun community. I guess now I need to know what I'm talking about, huh? ;)

Thanks so much for the add, GBBL!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just a little rant

Having a discussion on a local message board, someone asked for recommendations on a good CHL class. Some dimwit chimed in with this:
IF you just want to carry in your vehicle, I wouldn't get a CHL. 
By getting a CHL you know let the police and other agency know information about you.
True. In Texas, you don't need a CHL to carry a gun in your vehicle. Texas sees your vehicle as an extension of your home, and has adapted the law to make it legal to carry in your car (several years ago, now).

My response:
Uhm....if you have nothing to hide, then it doesn't really matter. If you do have something to hide, then you are likely not eligible for a CHL anyway.

By carrying only in your car, you leave yourself defenseless if TSHTF while you're outside of your car, say leaving a store on your way to your car.
It seems since you can now carry in your car, at work, etc, Really no need to get CHL for the most part. I had a CHL for year, I only kept a gun in my cars, I never carried one on me when just walking in and out of stores. Now that you can legally carry a firearm in your car, I really don't see much of need for a CHL anymore.
If you have no intention of carrying daily, everywhere that you can legally carry, then you're right, there's no need for you to have a CHL.

But a gun left in your car will do you no good if you stop at a gas station, go inside to get a snack, and find that as you approach the checkout some thug has decided to rob the store at gunpoint. 

To each his own, but I respectfully disagree with your stance.

Now,  I *just* carried in my car while I was waiting on my plastic to arrive. But there are very few things that you can do WHILE IN YOUR CAR. Meaning, going to and from all the places that you go on a daily basis, if you aren't carrying (legally, of course) then you are vulnerable, and you are placing your safety in the hands of others. Do you trust perfect strangers that much? I no longer do. 

I pray that I never need to use it, but you can damn well bet that sidearm will be with me wherever it's legally allowed.

Carry always, my friends.


Did I mention that I got my plastic?! Yep, almost a month ago now. I've been carrying everyday, everywhere that I legally can.

I've got a few holsters now, but I'm still not sure I've found the perfect one just yet.

The Old Faithful Holster
I mentioned in a previous post that when I put this together and tried it on, it was WAY too big for me. Turns out, they sent me the wrong size leather piece for my carry gun (Ruger LC9). They sent me the right sized piece, and I finally got it put together just shortly after I received my license.
The updated version with the smaller piece of leather is better, but not perfect, even though it's what I'm using most often.
I had the sweat shield trimmed down a bit, and the back side of the leather beveled, which has made an improvement in the comfort level for sure.
But being so tiny like I am, it's tough to wear it at 3:00 because it digs into my hip bone, and anything further back than 3:30 or 4:00 is hard for me to get to quickly. I've been wearing it at 3:30.

The Betty Holster
I bought this from the Well Armed Woman website. Carrie was quick to answer my questions, and just as quick with the shipping.
Unfortunately, when I got it, the ejection port was molded SO tightly to my gun, that once I got it in there, I couldn't draw it back out. I emailed Looper Law Enforcement about it, but never got a reply. :(
I'd seen enough YouTube videos on working with Kydex, that I decided to try fixing it myself. I got out my hairdryer, turned it on high heat, and managed to warm it just enough to un-mold the ejection port just enough to make a difference.

I've only worn this holster a couple of times. I like that I can put it anywhere, but it's not perfect either. I feel like it rides too high, and the grip of my gun tends to turn out away from my body.
I think if the clip on it were moved up about an inch, it would ride much better. Not sure I can modify this one, since there's a little divot molded into the kydex where the clip attaches, but if I get brave enough to try making my own, I would definitely move the clip up.

The Remora
A friend from one of the forums I visit sent this to me. It was my very first holster. :)
These little things are pretty amazing, in that they stay right where you put them. Any position, any cant - they aren't moving.
My biggest problem with it is this: What do you do when you go to the bathroom?
At home it's not an issue. Simply remove the holster from your waistband and lay it on the bathroom counter.
But what do you do out in public? I usually have my purse with me, so I could tuck it in there while I take care of business. But I'm afraid I'll forget to put it back in my waist band and someone will see it.
There's a new version that has a little velcro strap to attach it to your belt, so I may try one of those at some point.

The VersaCarry
This also came from a forum-friend. The concept intrigues me, but I'm not so sure about the execution. These newer versions have the trigger guard on the side that goes against your pants. So there's little concern about accidentally catching the trigger on anything.
Again, you can put it most anywhere and it's easy to draw from, but re-holstering is almost impossible without removing the holster from your waistband.

But the support piece that runs along side the slide doesn't seem incredibly strong, and my forum-friend told me that his clip actually broke off when wearing it with a thick gun belt.

I have used this around the house with an unloaded weapon, but haven't gone out in public wearing it.
VersaCarry recommends that you don't carry with one in the chamber when using this holster. And that's not a compromise I'm willing to make. I want that round chambered thank-you-very-much.

With all that said, I've realized that these are all IWB options. I think perhaps I need to try an OWB option to see if that's more comfortable for me. But I can't spend a ton of money trying out a bunch of different ones. So I guess I have a lot more research to do.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Recap - PIC HEAVY

Our week in Colorado was an absolute blast - both figuratively and literally! :) It was a busy week, but every last second of it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

We went fishing and hiking a couple of times.

Baby girl gettin' her fish on. Not really, though. Not a single bite. :(

Baby girl, fishing, take two. Nibbles, but no actual "fish on."
We saw some local wildlife - deer, elk, antelope (on the trip home), and these little guys. They're so cute, but very used to people, and quite a nuisance in Colorado.
He actually got in my backpack and helped himself!

We saw a couple of wildfires. (This part wasn't fun - it was sad, and a little scary.)

We rode horses.
Me. I actually look like I might know what I'm doing!
Hadn't ridden a horse in probably 25 years before this.
Baby girl getting some instruction from Grandpa.

We did some shopping, saw some old friends, made some new friends, and did a LOT of shooting. :)

We shot a lot of things we had never shot before.
I shot a 243 for the first time. This is my first three shots from it. :)
Are we shooting? Or bowling? :)

I fired a shotgun for the first time. I'm in LOVE. I want to try trap shooting now that we're back home. Except I don't own a shotgun. Who wants to take me? :) 
The second time I shot this, I got to shoot milk jugs full of water. SO satisfying!

Baby girl loved it too. Didn't want to give it up!

We switched the Mosin to the new synthetic stock and fired it for the first time. We were all a little scared that it would blow up, although it was an unfounded fear. My husband shot it first, then me, then my daughter. She didn't like it very much. I thought it was ok, but it sure does kick (I was bench shooting). My husband loved it, of course!
Mosin, as purchased.
Mosin with new stock. It's growing on me. :)
 Apparently, this is the only photo I got of the Mosin being fired.

We also shot an M4 (FUN!), a Glock 26, a Colt Officer's Model .45 (I WANT one of these! I loved everything about that gun!), a .44 revolver (holy moly!) and of course, our carry weapons.

We also learned a little bit about reloading, and the guys started an AR15 build.

I wish we had had at least another week out there. We didn't even make a dent in shooting all the guns that were available to us, and I'm always sad to leave Colorado. I really miss it. Might be time to start thinking about a house in the mountains. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012


What a great relaxing week it has been so far! We arrived in Colorado last Tuesday, and have spent the week fishing, shooting, hiking, and just enjoying the fresh air outdoors.

We're headed back home to Texas tomorrow, which makes me a little sad. I didn't realize how much I missed Colorado until we got back here.

I have much to report, though! Hopefully I can spend part of or long drive home writing some posts! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hurry up and wait

If there's one thing I've learned in my limited Army-mom experience, it's that "hurry up and wait" is common.

Baby girl's ship date just got pushed back to late July.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Warp speed!

Wow. I've let two full weeks go by again since posting any kind of update. Yet it seems like just yesterday.

I've been so busy, but I really just kind of want to stop time for a little bit.

My baby girl graduated from high school yesterday. It's so bitter sweet. She is my only child, and I'm SO proud of her, but in just a short three weeks, she will be shipping off to basic training, and will be gone for almost nine months.

The graduation ceremony was wonderful, the party afterward was precious time spent with family and friends.

I am feeling very blessed. <3 But also a little sad.

I have some gun related stuff to report too, so look for that soon!