Friday, June 29, 2012

As we approach Independence Day

As we approach the birthday of our independence, I am noticing a trend, as I do every year at this time. A trend of articles of clothing that look like they've been made out of an American flag.
And it bothers me. A lot.

I'm not talking about items with a flag printed ON them, like this. Something like this, I have no problem with - I even own something similar.

But I'm seeing things like these.

To me, these items look like someone cut up an American flag and made these things. 
I'm sure it's not the intent, but this seems really disrespectful to me.



  1. I'm good with 5 of the 6 pics. The purse bugs me a bit. The Flag, and what it represents, and the women in my life I care a lot about. (Wife, three grown daughters, and a man sized son).
    I'd lay down my life for any of them. From my viewpoint, seeing one worn by the other does not bother me.

    1. Maybe it's just me, then. The purse and the shoes bug me the most, the tops less so, and the bathing suit? Well....I wouldn't wear it, for sure. But then again I've always been tom-boyish, so maybe it's that.

  2. I remember huge debates about this as we approached our bicentennial - whether or not it was disrespectful to wear clothing fashioned after the American flag.

    I think the basic point is to show our American pride, though none of those clothing articles does it for me. I, personally, own the ugliest cowboy hat on the planet that is fashioned after the flag. I bought it after a drink or two too many a couple of years ago and break it out for the 4th of July parade. People love it in that setting, though I'll never wear it any other time of the year. Ask me how happy I am that I dropped almost $100 on a hat that I only wear once a year? I'll be wearing that damned hat every 4th of July the rest of my life just to get my money's worth. :)