Monday, July 30, 2012


So it's been a week since the car accident happened, and we still have no ETA on when the car will be whole again. Grrr.

Last week started out bad, and didn't improve. Believe me, I know "things could be worse." But it sure seems like bad stuff comes in threes a giant lump.

Tuesday, baby girl shipped to basic training. While the event itself was/is a fantastic adventure, for both me and her, I felt like a jackass for breaking down and crying when saying good bye. I tried so hard, but the tears won.

Wednesday, we had to say farewell to a long time loyal friend.

Thursday, I stayed home. And moped.

Friday? Friday's are supposed to be good, right? Spider bite. Not sure what kind, but it keeps getting angrier and angrier looking, so I'm headed over to the doc's office here in a few to make sure my flesh isn't going to rot and fall off.

Maybe I should temporarily change the blog title to "2A Army Mama's Bitch Fest." Has a certain charm, no? Nah, I just gotta get squared away and make my own good luck I guess.

Wish me luck at the doc's office!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Really, Monday?

A trip to the train station.
A car wreck in downtown Dallas. Car not driveable.
Almost an hour on the phone with the insurance company BEFORE they dispatch the tow truck.
Another hour wait before the tow truck arrives.
A slightly scary interaction with a crazy homeless guy.
Tow truck arrives -"Oh sorry, we can only transport two people" - this is problematic when you're 30 miles from home, and there's three of you.
No rental cars available until 5pm.
An $80 cab ride later......

The good news is, were all ok.
Not sure what the car is going to cost us yet, or how long that's going to take, but we have another to drive in the meantime.

The sad news, this is not how I wanted my daughters last day home to go - she ships to basic training tomorrow morning. :-(

Hope Monday is treating you better than it is me!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Call For Help: Lurking Rhythmically Trying to Pay It Forward

I stumbled across a post from Lurking Rhythmically this evening....trying to help a woman in need.
I wanted to pass it on, in the hopes that someone can help.

Calling all Texans, Okies and other gunnies

Any Texas CCW holders out there?
How about gun store owners or trainers?

I know a young mother who needs a carry pistol and training to defend herself and her child from violence, but cannot afford either. In her own words:

I work in downtown Houston where there's a large homeless population. Some of these people are crazy, some are people who just got out of Houston county jail (they're dropped off at the greyhound two blocks from our store) and I get into work sometimes at 4:45, or leave at 7pm. Both times have me coming and going when there's no one around. I get SO paranoid about someone trying to attack me, and I'd feel better carrying a gun.

Also, we have issues with my "sperm donor", whom I'm thinking may get stupid one day and show up and try to take E. If he does...

My husband met me when I was 4 months pregnant, and we've been together ever since. My "sperm donor" is an asshole who only contacts me when he's pissed or off his meds. When he's off his meds he's really aggressive and, well, an asshole. Again, another reason to keep a gun.

Money is really tight right now, so getting a gun soon (within 90 days) won't happen, but I'll live. I have a "war club" that I keep, and I have people walk me to and from my car/garage.
I realize I may be pushing my luck in asking for donations not three months after you folks helped me buy my pistol, but this is a really good cause. If anything, she needs a CCW more than I do.
Click through to read in it's entirety or to help.

Even if you can't help out, please pass this on!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I don't talk much on here about my bad guy, for a couple of reasons.
One, there's nothing new to report (everything is stable for now, thank God!), and two, when I talk about it, it seems to elicit sympathy or pity, which I'm not looking for. I don't want people to feel sorry for us, I just want someone to find a damn cure.

But it's been weighing on me lately. Here's why.

One item on my husband's Bucket List is for me to learn to protect myself.

I've gotten a start on that by learning to shoot and getting my CCL. But in order to really fulfill that wish on the Bucket List, I need more training. And as I'm sure you're aware, training ain't cheap.

My brain says "Save up some money, and take another class."
My heart feels an urgency to learn everything I can as fast as I can. I actually feel unsettled that I can't just go enroll in the next training class that catches my eye. I need to be doing something besides just shooting holes in paper at the range.

I have considered getting involved in IDPA or USPSA, but am having a hard time getting out to even watch a match, much less get involved.

So I'm reaching out for suggestions. Do you have specific drills you can recommend? A book or a video? Someone willing to mentor? Something else?

I'm all ears.