Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Appleseed Part Deux - Coming Soon!

OMG! I have a week and a half before our next Appleseed event! (Mar 9/10)

So much for my grand plans to practice-practice-practice to perfect my skills before then! I have barely touched my rifle at all!

Throw in the fact that we managed to score a Ruger 10/22 (which seems to fit me better - I can actually do a mag change without breaking position!) that I've barely shot, and that is having some issues with trigger reset at the moment....well, I've always learned best under pressure. :)  If my husband were reading over my shoulder he would pipe in and tell you that there "typically" would be a frustration melt-down or two along the way when working under pressure, but not this time, dammit! I'm going to push myself over the next week and a half, but I'm not going to stress over it.
If we can't get the trigger reset figured out, I'll just shoot with the Remington again, and pray. A lot. :)

I'm going to practice, and then go and have fun, and hopefully earn one of these.....
The coveted RIFLEMAN patch!

I think I've got it sighted in (thanks to Mr. J - would have been lost without ya!) and just need to practice with the various positions and the sling. Wish me luck!