Monday, July 30, 2012


So it's been a week since the car accident happened, and we still have no ETA on when the car will be whole again. Grrr.

Last week started out bad, and didn't improve. Believe me, I know "things could be worse." But it sure seems like bad stuff comes in threes a giant lump.

Tuesday, baby girl shipped to basic training. While the event itself was/is a fantastic adventure, for both me and her, I felt like a jackass for breaking down and crying when saying good bye. I tried so hard, but the tears won.

Wednesday, we had to say farewell to a long time loyal friend.

Thursday, I stayed home. And moped.

Friday? Friday's are supposed to be good, right? Spider bite. Not sure what kind, but it keeps getting angrier and angrier looking, so I'm headed over to the doc's office here in a few to make sure my flesh isn't going to rot and fall off.

Maybe I should temporarily change the blog title to "2A Army Mama's Bitch Fest." Has a certain charm, no? Nah, I just gotta get squared away and make my own good luck I guess.

Wish me luck at the doc's office!


  1. You're entitled. Besides, I kinda like "2A Army Moma's Bitch Fest" :)

    Hope your spider bite isn't something serious and that it's *just* a spider bite and nothing like cellulitis.

    1. Thanks, GunDiva. Looks like it's *just* a spider bite, and not one that will make my flesh rot off. Still a bit itchy, and ugly as hell, but it won't kill me. :)

      Things are looking up this week, so I don't think I'm changing the blog name....for now anyway!

  2. What a crappy week. I recommend a little recoil therapy.

    1. You have the right idea, kx59! We went out Sunday (the day before I wrote this post, actually) and it helped some. Need to go again and see if I can shake the rest of the stress out!