Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Looking Up!

So the spider bite is not going to rot my flesh off. Whew! It's still REALLY ugly looking, still about the size of a half dollar, still angry reddish purple, and still itchy off and on. But it IS getting smaller.

The car should be released from the hospital early next week. It will be nice to have a car with good working AC in it again. Driving around in 100+ degree heat with AC that barely blows.....well.....blows!

I had a "soldier girl" sighting today!! I'm lucky enough that my daughter's training unit has a bunch of volunteers that are taking photos of various training events and putting them up on the unit's Facebook page. I found three photos of my girl, and it really made my day. :) First time I've seen her in ACU's!

That's my girl conquering Victory Tower!

AND, I was also lucky enough to win a little something in a contest I entered. I never win! LOL

Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket today......

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