Monday, June 18, 2012


What a great relaxing week it has been so far! We arrived in Colorado last Tuesday, and have spent the week fishing, shooting, hiking, and just enjoying the fresh air outdoors.

We're headed back home to Texas tomorrow, which makes me a little sad. I didn't realize how much I missed Colorado until we got back here.

I have much to report, though! Hopefully I can spend part of or long drive home writing some posts! :)


  1. I didn't know you were headed up our way! Hope you didn't get smoked out by the fire in the north - there are reports that it has drifted as far as northern Texas.

    1. Wow, that one sounds big. We're in the Divide/Woodland Park area, and have seen a few fires in this area as well.

    2. It's pretty big by Colorado standards. I have a friend from Arizona who just giggles at our "big" fire considering their fires are double the size before any of them panic.

    3. Well, no matter the size of them, they can be quite scary! There was a really big one in the Bastrop, Texas area last year that was terrifying.