Friday, May 24, 2013

Cuteness overload commencing....

If you caught my last blog post dated over a month ago, you know why it's been a month since I posted. :)

Introducing the two newest members of our household! These were taken the day they came home. They were condemned to the cones of shame for 10-14 days after their spay/neuter you really think plastic e-collars are meant to hold up to razor sharp pirhana puppy teeth? Noooooo. We did manage to keep them on them for about 11 days, but there were many repairs that needed to be made during that time, and FORGET keeping them "sendentary" during that time!

Baby girl pup at 9 weeks old

Baby boy pup at 9 weeks old

They were so little back then......the boy weighed in at 12.5 lbs when he had his surgery (we don't have a surgery date weight for her - not sure if they didn't weigh her, or she wouldn't hold guess is the latter).

Names? Oh yeah, names!
We settled on Lula for her (yes, as in UpLula!) and Gunny (as in R. Lee) for him. :)

Lula is our crazy insane high energy oh my god I can't go to sleep or I'll miss something pup.
Gunny is mostly calm, serious, and laid back. But his sister can get him all wound up of course!

These last few weeks we've been working on potty training (I think we are FINALLY there! Knock on wood), a very few basic commands (sit, stay, down) and eating, playing and sleeping. These little buggers go 0-60 and then 60-0. Multiple times a day. We go through a 25lb bag of puppy food in about a week and a half. And I swear they grow in their sleep.

Here's more recent pics, from just a few days ago.
It's hard to tell the actual size of them in these pics, so we took some with Soldier Girl (she's back, by the way!) so far away family members could get a better idea of how big they are.

Soldier Girl is about 5'6", and you can see they're above knee height. Latest weigh in (yesterday) has Lula weighing in at 27.6lbs, and Gunny weighing in at 26.2lbs. And they're 100 days old today!

The poor cat still isn't quite sure what to make of them, but she's slowly coming out of hiding, and even interacting with them a tiny bit - at least until the puppy teeth go into motion and the chase drive is activated. I'm confident that we'll all live in harmony. Eventually. :)

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