Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moving At the Speed of Life

Holy moly.....I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted. I guess now I get to play catch up again!

Life has been moving incredibly fast as of late. My daughter has just a few weeks of school left, and we're trying to wrap up Senior Year stuff - graduation announcements, invitations, party planning, etc. as well as a family vacation, and then getting her ready to ship to basic training.
PLUS, I'm more than a little overwhelmed with work at the moment.

Sadly, this equates to no range time and no training classes, but we did squeeze in a gun show. :)
And we brought home a new family member.

A 1934 Mosin Nagant. She's beautiful in every way, and with the bayonet attached, she's taller than me! Hubby promptly ordered a new stock for her, which looks nice, but I feel like he bastardized a piece of history. :(  Because I complained that I didn't even get to take pics of it, he put it back together the way it was when we brought it home, and told me to hurry the hell up. LOL
We haven't taken her out shooting yet, but I'm really hoping we get to soon. (Pics coming soon, before he gets tired of waiting and puts the new stock back on it.)

A little update on the holster front: I contacted Old Faithful about my ginormous holster, and lo and behold, my kit had come with the wrong size leather piece. What I received was 10" wide, which is for larger guns. What I should have received was a 9" wide piece, which is intended for smaller guns.
Thomas, the owner, communicated with me personally, and offered to send me the new, smaller piece of leather to see if that helped. It arrived in two days time! Great customer service, if you ask me. :)
Sadly, however, I haven't had an opportunity to swap out the leather pieces to even try it to see if it's better. It's high on my priority list though, and I might be able to get 'er done today and try it out.

Here's a little comparison of the two leather pieces. I'm not sure how much difference the smaller piece will make for me, but we'll see! If it isn't small enough, then I will be trimming it down and re-fashioning it into something even smaller.

I'm still eyeballing something like the Betty holster too....just need to make a decision and buy. :)


  1. Heh. Make sure you have a good, solid grip on the ground before you pull the trigger on that Mosin. *grin* I LOVE shooting mine!

    Oh, and someone to help pop your shoulder back in its socket (after picking it up from the floor behind you) helps, too. LOL

    Found a Mosin at over in Fort Worth (off 35 and 820) with the angled bolt handle and original scope and mount. 600 big ones. Is it a bad sign that I was already calculating how many of my other firearms (and children) I could trade in to get that? "But...MrsAlien...IT HAS THE SCOPE!!!!" *sigh* Gotta work on the puppy-dog eyes, apparently.

    1. LOL! I have absolutely no illusions about being able to shoot the Mosin standing up. Maybe not even prone! It's bigger than ME and I have heard they have a helluva kick.
      No way would I have let hubby buy it if it was six bills, though. ;)