Saturday, September 15, 2012


It seems like just yesterday I posted Really, Monday? Suddenly, I have 2 weeks before I hit the road to go watch my baby girl graduate from Basic Training. And of course, a billion things to do!

Where did the freaking time go?!?

I've been busy (in case you couldn't tell by my lack of posts!) - so I guess that has helped to pass the time.

I've been busy reading and writing letters....a lost art, really. Most people just pick up the phone or fire off an email, right? Well, you don't get to do that with Basic Training, so letters are IT. I spent hours scouring the 'net for inspirational quotes, grabbing headlines from the news, trolling baby girl's FB page to send her updates, and writing-writing-writing. I have no idea how many letters I've sent her, but I have a stack of 13 letters from her here on my desk. The latest one she wrote over the course of 2-3 days - it's 7 pages long! That made my heart happy. <3
She's doing quite well, but ready for Basic to be in the rearview mirror. 18 days til I get to see her!

Hubs is doing chemo again the week before we go, so I'm praying that most of it is out of his system before we hit the road for the 17 hour drive. His next MRI is during that same week. Praying for good (or at least neutral) news.

In other news....the bruises I got at Krav Maga are still not completely healed. They're a lovely shade of yellow now, so at least they're healing. Sadly, this particular KM school turns out to not be what we were looking for - too much testosterone and too much focus on "if you do this, you can kick anybody's ass." I don't want to kick anybody's ass! I want to do what I have to do to get out of a bad situation alive and be able to go home. So that school is out.
On a positive note, we have found another school that teaches a different style that is focused on the self-defense aspect, and not on beating the crap out of someone just because you can. We observed several classes, asked a ton of questions, and will be participating in a few classes this next week. But I really like what I'm seeing, and that the instructor takes the time to break things down and explain the mechanics of things - instead of throwing you to the wolves (remember folks, I have NO martial arts or self defense experience). They even do knife and gun training - with dummy weapons of course. I expect I'll have lots to say near the end of next week after participating in a few classes.

And finally.....I got a new job. :) At a gun range. :D
It's a web dev position, but they plan to cross train everyone on most everything, so it's going to be a fantastic learning experience for me!

Hello, open door..... :)


  1. Congrats on the new job! You're going to have so much fun!

    Take lots and lots of pictures at graduation, will you?

    I'm hoping for great news on hubby's MRI and that his next round of chemo goes well.

    1. Thanks, GunDiva! I'm so excited about the new job!

      I will absolutely take lots and lots of pics at graduation! I think someone would have to sit on me and hold me down to keep me from it! :)

      As for chemo/MRI, we'll take all the prayers we can get. <3

  2. 2A Mama,

    You and your spouse was missed this weekend but rest assured we will have another event.

    Congrats on the new job. We are continuing to pray for hubby's health.

    Looking forward to seeing graduation pictures also

    1. Bob, we're sorry we missed it too! But we will for sure be at the next one!

      Thanks for the congrats and the prayers!

      You will have photo overload once we return from graduation! :)