Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Round 1 Down

Mr 2A made it through his first round (or is it really his 14th round? or round 1 volume 2?) of chemo. First couple of days were ok, but the rest of the week was a wreck.
When he was on chemo last go-round, it was the same med, but the dosing schedule was different since he had to do it for a full year. They spread them out, so his side effects weren't as bad.
This time it's full force, and full force effects.

A full week of extreme nausea, throwing up, fatigue, and generally feeling like he'd been hit by a train. :(

He's feeling much better these last couple of days. Way less nausea (that will go away once the chemicals all get out of his system, and then he'll get to start all over) and less fatigue, although mid-day naps are common for him for the last couple of years.

A 3 week break, then another round.....and then a 17 hour road trip to go watch the Soldier Girl graduate from Basic Training. I'll admit, I'm more than a little worried about that.

But we'll roll with the punches, 'cause that's how we do. 

Headed for our 2nd Krav Maga class tonight. I haven't formed a definite opinion yet, so I'm going to hold off on posting about it. But I will leave you with this......

Right forearm...there are still lumps under those bruises, and our first class was a week ago.
After tonight, those are going to look way worse.


  1. I'm behind on my blog reading. If attacked by Tupperware. Use your Krav Maga. I went to one class, for Krav Maga. Kathi sat out and watched. I should of sat out also. I was SO SORE! I could hardly walk the next day. I'd be lucky to beat up a fifth grader. I may give it another try, after things settle a bit.

    Tell your Mr. that we said Hi! And you all are in our prayers.

    Also, nice picture of your bruises. I couldn't show mine. Lets just say, it was kinda hard to set for a few days.

    1. Flier - thanks for the laugh! The bruises are uglier today.
      And if attacked by tupperware, I can only use Krav Maga if I'm AWAKE to use it! LOL Haven't been doing it long enough to be able to do it in my sleep yet. ;)

      Thanks so much for the prayers!

  2. Sorry to hear of your husband's issues with the chemo. Here's to hoping he starts feeling better!

    (DAB 2.0 is this weekend. Hope y'all can make it!)

    1. Thanks, TRE. He is feeling much better this last week.
      And thanks for the reminder about DAB 2.0 - with all that has been going on, I had forgotten! I mentioned it to hubs again last night and he thinks he would like to try to make it! :)

      It would likely just be the day of the shoot though.
      I'll drop by your blog again to get the details.

    2. Details have not changed, we are meeting up at the Exxon at I45 south and BeltLine between 0900 and 1000 Sunday. If you can't make it that early, email me (th3r3dn3ck3ngin33r@gmail replace the 3's with e's) and I'll give you my cell number. That way you can show up at the range according to your schedule and I can let you in.
      The range address is on my blog.

      I sure hope you and Mr 2A can make it down, the more the merrier. It looks to be a good crowd already.

    3. Thanks, TRE! I'll go ahead and email you, since I'm not exactly sure what time we could be there. :)