Sunday, March 4, 2012

These Dreams

I don't put a lot of time and effort into analyzing my dreams. Fact is, I rarely remember my dreams.
But a few nights ago, I had one that I distinctly remember, and it's re-playing over and over in my head .
I am unsettled by it.

It's pitch black, and there's a loud bang and a crash. In true Hollywood movie fashion, suddenly I see the front door of my home being kicked in. I can't see who it is; I only see a man's leg coming down to the floor after kicking in the door.
Flash back to me opening my bedroom door and peering around the corner towards the front door. It's now standing wide open, and I see a shadow move, then I see a man's arms, holding a gun. I can't see anything but his arms, as he's standing in the short hallway that leads to my daughter's room, but facing away from her room like he's already been there, or has changed his mind and is coming to find me.
I am afraid, but willing to face him with pistol in hand to protect my daughter and myself. My eyes flick across the living room to see my husband's range bag, with pistol tucked neatly inside, sitting on the sofa. Panic wells up. There's no way I can get across the living room and retrieve the pistol from the bag before this intruder realizes what I am doing and shoots me. I look back towards the intruder.
I still can't see his face, only his arms and the gun in his hands. Just as his shoulders emerge from the hallway.....

I wake up.  This is perhaps only a minute or so of this dream, and I don't remember anything else. But I'm wondering if perhaps there is something to this one.

It's not a scene from my past playing into my dreams, thank God. I think it's me worrying in my sleep.

My husband has a bad habit of forgetting to put his pistol away after a trip to the range. More than once now I've seen it sitting on the sofa as I'm headed for bed. My daughter is a teenager, and fully understands all the safety rules, so that's not a concern. But what if there was an intruder in the middle of the night and his firearm was in the living room? We have others, but what if an intruder got their hands on it and used it against us?

Hubby and I have had this discussion before....but maybe it's time to have it again, and let him know about my dream.

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  1. You are entirely correct about talking with your husband about being careful where he leaves his gun. It is easy to forget sometimes - I know. But you don't want someone innocent, or bad, to get ahold of it.